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In The Great Lockdown: Lessons Learned During the Pandemic from Organizations Around the Globe, expert strategists Shivaji Das, Aroop Zutshi , and Janesh Janardhanan deliver an insightful exploration of this once-in-a-lifetime event to unearth invaluable learnings for the future. Told through the experiences of CXOs at billion-dollar companies, star start-ups, and non-profits from around the world, the book chronicles the ups and downs of sophisticated organizations as they navigated the COVID-19 crisis through initiatives impacting people, processes, and technology.

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How it started...How it's going

As consultants who advise large global companies on growth strategy, the authors noticed that by April 2020, every conversation we were having with clients was dominated by COVID-19. The realization quickly dawned that this would be one of the most significant disruptions to lives and businesses. Initially, the plan was to write the book among the authors. But we agreed that bringing the perspectives of the leaders who navigated the crisis first-hand would be the best way to tell the story. We found billion-dollar companies, star startups, and some of the most prominent NGOs in the world to contribute their stories. We also found a very supportive publisher in Wiley - who backed us the entire way. A million thanks to all the contributors, editors, and the whole team at Wiley that helped us bring the book to the world. 


The Great Lockdown - debuted #1 on Amazon in the Organizational Change Category on the Thanksgiving Weekend, 2021. The book was also #7 on the best seller's list in the Economics category on Amazon.

We also spotted the book as a top 10 bestseller in major bookstores.

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Book Review

November, 2021

"As one leader told me, leading in these traumatic times has felt like “leading through a fog.” In this important book, the authors have reflected on the experiences of a myriad of organizations to identify key lessons of what it takes to build resilient organizations. This book, thereby, provides a practical framework of what I fear will become critical capabilities in the years ahead.

- Professor Linda A Hill

Harvard Business School

Author of Collective Genius: The Art and Practice of Leading Innovation

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"An excellent, timely read - Each story in the book takes you to a different part of the world, to a different industry. The stories offer an open and intimate view of the fears and emotions of these leaders as they navigated COVID-19. Each chapter details the tough choices these organizations had to make as they navigated what is undoubtedly one of the biggest events of our lifetimes."

December, 2021

Charles Brewer, Group CEO, POS MalaysiaEx-CEO, DHL e-Commerce



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